Don’t throw rocks or cops will kill you

bad cops

This is an offense punishable by immediate death. No trial is necessary when it is as serious as this.

So kids, don’t throw rocks or you may put someone’s eye out and be shot to death.

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Cop Tries to Beat Up 15 Year Old

(the click bait image is a bit much, but the video is okay)

True, this teenager probably deserves a good ass kicking, but you also expect cops to be better than this:

It’s just sad.  I mean, what kind of technique is that? The cop is leaving his face open and swinging wildly! I expect my police force to be able to punch a kid better than this.

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Cops hate snowball fights!

The police were called for a disturbance, which is the proper term for any time black kids are having fun, and he responds correctly.

The lesson here, kids? If you have a snowball fight you can expect the cops to draw guns on you. Your tax dollars hard at work.

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Chicago church laments after falling gargoyle kills woman

Sara Bean, 34, was killed on Thursday while walking to lunch with her fiancé, who is her longtime boyfriend and father of her children, local media reported.

Well, maybe God had enough of her living in sin. Her baby daddy is now her fiancé? C’mon!

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Robbers try to rob wrong people

When you fight other fighters for sport, regular thugs become fun target practice:

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Woman saves infant, cop abuses her

Because who gives a shit about an infant possibly dying from heat inside a locked car?

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