Old Woman Spinning Game

This is so wrong, kids.

Spin Spin Sugar

But so very funny.

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Cruise Ship kills two more!

This time the cruise ship killed employees! It’s nice to see that cruise ships don’t only murder paying customers. Not sure what a berthing accident is, but it probably has nothing to do with cruise ships.

when cruise ships attack

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Dummies light themselves on fire in “marijuana lab”

First, wtf is a marijuana lab, kids? Isn’t that just a garden?

in my day, we didn’t need no stinking lab.


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Reporters gone mad

Let’s take a break from the cincinnati murders, hot chicks and cruise ships. I just thought this was funny, kids.

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Woman gets arrested for recording police officer

Listen kids, it’s illegal to record police officers in public. Got it? If you want to legally record people you have to join the NSA. And then you can only legally record phone conversations, emails and texts that are in private! Btw, if you’re lucky you could surf the webcam feed, and maybe catch an unsuspecting woman showing too much cleavage, but I digress kids.

The video below shows this woman is in the wrong. Obviously the cop knows the law better than she does. Who has ever heard of an employee that can’t do their job? That would be like me saying the mechanic who overcharges doesn’t know how to fix my car!

Next time you feel you need to record a conversation in public, make sure it’s not a cop, kids. Every cop is smarter, more moral, and deserve more respect than the citizens who pay their salaries.

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Spank prank

No kids, this isn’t spanking like that. Get your minds out the gutter or I will have the court take your mommy away. You don’t want that to happen again, do you? Okay. So check out this video:

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