Woman saves infant, cop abuses her

Because who gives a shit about an infant possibly dying from heat inside a locked car?

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Yay! Good news ladies. Cannibal cop is free:)

Thankfully, a judge overturned the guy’s conviction. If you remember kids, he was the cop who used the law enforcement database to find potential victims to torture, kill and eat.

See, the judge knows it was just a fantasy. Although he had a list of 100 names of women who were potential targets, transcripts of discussions about how he’d go about killing them and google history of how to chloroform and where to buy the best torture devices, we all know fantasies mean nothing. I mean, if he really wanted to kill someone then how did he get caught before it happened? Silly, right? Everyone knows crime isn’t prevented.

Btw, a fantasy doesn’t mean you want to do it! I know a guy who has a fantasy about raping children, does that mean he shouldn’t be trusted to babysit your children? Most likely he’s not even attracted to kids. It’s common knowledge that serial killers only fantasize about things they don’t plan to do.

So just another reason to be happy to date the male gender, ladies:)

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Tuesday Goodness

Two things I like: a pin-up girl with a gun


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Cops slit dog’s throat

But it’s okay kids, they were suspended.

Isn’t killing animals like this one of the signs of a potential serial killer?

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Cop falls asleep after eating donuts

No, really


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Mom of the Year kills son cuz she thought he was gay

Obviously, there is so much that is wrong with this story.

Apparently, genius Jessica Dutro even posted on Facebook that she thought her kid would grow up to be gay.  That she would post horrible things online should be no surprise, kids–it’s what idiots do.  Thankfully they haven’t caught on that other people can read what they write.

So let’s start with this:

Homosexuality is a choice!

Really? At 4 years old?!? I wasn’t into chicks until . . . maybe a quick phase during my teen years when I didn’t really talk to them. I’m still into chicks, but not as much as when my hormones made me believe they were all so much better and not gross like us dudes.

So let’s say it is indeed a choice. By beating her kid to death, this “mother” implicitly admits she doesn’t have the knowledge to teach this kid to choose a more optimal path in life. Maybe she should’ve sat down with him, talked about all the reasons why being straight is the right thing to do. Of course, she would first have to explain what that even means, which would expose him to all kinds of things he’s not ready to learn at 4, but we’re talking about the sin of homosexuality! No age is too early to learn about pu**y if that means saving your kid from choosing to be gay!  I plan to teach my boy how to say pu**y before any other word. Just play 2 Live Crew on a loop for him.

Everyone should be a parent!

I know we can’t sterilize people . . . legally. But whose to say if some rational guardian angels wanted to do so surreptitiously?  I know, everyone will be concerned that we’re sterilizing the wrong people. I can solve this. Let’s start with pedophiles and then move to other forms of child abusers. That’s it. That’s the line. If there is any question about whether a mother really is abusing a child, read this woman’s crime again.

Also, they lived in a homeless shelter with FOUR children! Now, I know in our PC-centric culture we’re not supposed to judge, Continue reading

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